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Scope: PWG
PWG-HF (Heavy Flavour)
13 TeV
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Raw-yield distribution as a function of the BDT-based selection employed in the $\chi^{2}$-minimization procedure adopted for the determination of \fnonprompt of \Dzero in $2 < \pt < 4 ~\GeV/c$ (top left panel), \LctopKpi in $4 < \pt < 6 ~\GeV/c$ (top right panel), and \LctopKzeros in $6 < \pt < 8 ~\GeV/c$ (bottom left panel). Bottom right panel: \fnonprompt fraction as function as \pt obtained for the set of selection criteria adopted in the analysis of for non-prompt \Dzero, \LctopKpi, and \LctopKzeros hadrons.

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