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PWG-CF (Flow and Correlations)
2.76 TeV
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The K$^+$K$^-$ experimental correlation functions corrected for non-flat baselines according to Eq.~(\ref{eq:baseline})as a function of pair relative momentum $q$. The CFs are presented in threecentrality classes (rows): 0--10\%, 10\mbox{--}30\%, and 30--50\% and three pair transverse momentum $k_{\rm T}$ bins (columns): (0.3--0.4), (0.5--0.6) and (0.8\mbox{--}1.0)~GeV/$c$ Statistical (bars) and systematic (boxes) uncertainties are shown. The red line shows thefit of the CF with the Lednick\'y--Lyuboshitz parametrization (Eq.~(\ref{eq:Cfsi})) using free parameters (mass and couplings) for $f_0$(980) and Achasov~ parameters for $a_0$(980) in the $0

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