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Scope: PWG
PWG-JE (Jets)
5.02 TeV
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Unfolded \zg{} distributions for charged-particle jets in \pp{} collisions compared to those in \PbPb{} collisions at $\sqrts=5.02$ TeV with $\zcut = 0.2$for 0--10\% centrality for $R=0.2$ (left) and 30--50\% centrality for $R=0.4$ (right). The distributions are normalized to the inclusive jet cross section in the $60 < \pTjet < 80$ GeV/$c$ interval, and $f_{\mathrm{tagged}}$ indicates the fraction of splittings that were tagged to pass the SD condition in the selected \pTjet{} interval. The ratios in the bottom panel are compared to the following theoretical predictions: JETSCAPE~, JEWEL~, Caucal et al.~, Chien et al.~, Qin et al.~, and Pablos et al.~. Further details can be found in Ref. .

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