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PWG-CF (Flow and Correlations)
13 TeV
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Potentials for the \pXim and \pOm interactions. \pXim (pink) and \pOm (orange) interaction potentials as a function of the pair distance predicted by the \HALQCD collaboration~. Only the most attractive component, isospin $I$~=~0 and spin $S$ = 0, is shown for \pXim. For the \pOm interaction the $I$~=~1/2 and spin $S$~=~2 component is shown The widths of the curves correspond to the uncertainties (see \nameref{sec:Methods} section 'Corrections of the correlation function' for details) associated with the calculations. The inset shows the correlation functions obtained using the HAL QCD strong interaction potentialsfor: (i) the channel \pXim with isospin $I$~=~0 and spin $S$ = 0 , (ii) the channel \pXim including all allowed spin and isospin combinations (dashed pink), and (iii) the channel \pOm with isospin $I$~=~1/2 and spin $S$ = 2. For details see text

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