Hardest $k_{\mathrm{T}}$ jet splitting for R = 0.2 jets in 0-10% PbPb collisions - Dynamical grooming a = 1.0, comparison with models

Scope: PWG
PWG-JE (Jets)
5.02 TeV
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Comparison of the hardest $k_{\mathrm{T,g}}$ jet splitting found using dynamical grooming a = 0.5 for R = 0.2 jets in pp and 0-10% PbPb collisions at 5 TeV. The range of the central PbPb is determined by requiring sufficient subjet purity and kinematic efficiency. There is a hint of modification of the central PbPb data, although the uncertainties are large

The ratio is compared with hybrid model predictions with and without Moliere scattering, as well as JETSCAPE v3.5 AA22. The data are consistent with all predictions

Detail description

- Data: pp: LHC17p, LHC17q (CBT_good run list) with FAST, cent_woSDD, PbPb: LHC18qr pass3

- Produced with `mammoth` analysis software, as described in the analysis note