Hardest $k_{\mathrm{T}}$ jet splitting for R = 0.2 jets in 0-10% and 30-50% PbPb collisions - Dynamical grooming a = 0.5

Scope: PWG
PWG-JE (Jets)
5.02 TeV
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Comparison of the hardest $k_{\mathrm{T,g}}$ jet splitting found using dynamical grooming a = 0.5 for R = 0.2 jets in pp, 0-10% PbPb, and 30-50% PbPb collisions at 5 TeV. The range of the semi-central PbPb is determined by requiring sufficient subjet purity and kinematic efficiency. Within uncertainties, the central and semi-central PbPb are consistent with no modification compared to pp

Detail description

- Data: pp: LHC17p, LHC17q (CBT_good run list) with FAST, cent_woSDD, PbPb: LHC18qr pass3

- Produced with `mammoth` analysis software, as described in the analysis note