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Scope: PWG
PWG-HF (Heavy Flavour)
13 TeV
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(Left) Fully corrected normalised \z distribution of \Lambdac-tagged charged jets (black open circles) measured in the $7\leq\ptjet<15$~\GeVc and $3\leq\ptLc<15$~\GeVc intervals in pp collisions at $\s = 13$~TeV, compared with predictions from different PYTHIA~8 tunes~ (red-dotted and green-dashed lines). The ratios of the MC simulations to the data are shown in the bottom panel. (Right) Comparison of the measured \z distribution of \Lambdac-tagged jets and the previously measured \z distribution of \Dzero-tagged jets~, obtained in the same kinematic interval. The ratio of the \z distribution of \Lambdac-tagged and \Dzero-tagged jets is shown in the bottom panel for both the data and the different PYTHIA tunes.

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