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Scope: PWG
PWG-CF (Flow and Correlations)
2.76 TeV
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Experimental data for correlations between two symmetry planes compared to theoretical predictions in the initial and final state obtained with \trento\:and \trento+VISH(2+1)+UrQMD~, respectively. For $\TwoThree$ (c), the initial state predictions calculated via eccentricities and energy density cumulants, $\langle \cos [6(\phi_2-\phi_3)]\rangle_{\text{GE}}$ and $\langle \cos[6(\Phi_2-\Phi_3)]\rangle_{\text{GE}}$, fully overlap. Statistical (systematic) uncertainties of the ALICE data are shown as lines (boxes). The statistical uncertainties of the models are represented by the colored bands.

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