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Scope: PWG
PWG-HF (Heavy Flavour)
5.02 TeV
8 TeV
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Production cross section (left panel) and lepton charge asymmetry (right panel) of the $\W \rightarrow \muonpm \num$ processes for the 0--90\% centrality class, for muons with $\pt^\mu > 10$ \GeVc and $2.5 < y^\mu_{\rm cms} < 4.0$, in \PbPb collisions at \fivenn. The measured cross sections and the asymmetry are compared with predictions using the CT14+EPPS16~ combination, nNNPDF2.0~ nPDF model, as well as calculations with the CT14~ PDF without nuclear corrections. All the calculations include the isospin effect. The vertical bars and boxes around the data points indicate the statistical and systematic uncertainties, respectively.

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