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Scope: PWG
PWG-LF (Light Flavour Spectra)
8 TeV
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Invariant mass distributions for \kstar and \phim in the multiplicity class 0--100$\%$ and transverse momentum range 1.4 $\leq$ \pt $$ 1.6 \GeVc and 0.6 $\leq$ \pt $$ 0.8 \GeVc, respectively. In the upper panels, (a) and (b), black markers show the unlike-sign invariant mass distributions and red markers show the normalized mixed event background. After the background subtraction the signals are shown in the lower panels (c) and (d). The \kstar peak is described by a Breit-Wigner function whereas the \phim peak is fitted with a Voigtian function. The residual background is described by the 2$^{nd}$ order polynomial function.

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