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Scope: PWG
PWG-JE (Jets)
13 TeV
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Reconstruction of the showering quark. A sketch detailing the reconstruction of the showering charm quark, using iterative declustering, is presented. The top panels show the initial reclustering procedure with the C/A algorithm, in which the particles separated by the smallest angles are brought together first. Once the reclustering is complete, the declustering procedure is carried out by unwinding the reclustering history. Each splitting node is numbered according to the declustering step in which it is reconstructed. With each splitting, the charm-quark energy, $E_{\rm{Radiator,n}}$, is reduced and the gluon is emitted at a smaller angle, $\theta_{\rm{n}}$, with respect to previous emissions. The mass of the heavy quark, $m_{\rm{Q}}$, remains constant throughout the showering process. At each splitting, gluon emissions are suppressed in the dead-cone region (shown by a red cone for the last splitting), which increases in angle as the quark energy decreases throughout the shower.

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