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Scope: PWG
PWG-LF (Light Flavour Spectra)
5.02 TeV
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The \pT~spectra of \simplekstarch~in inelastic pp collisions at \sqrtS~=~5.02, 8, and 13~TeV (full symbols) are compared to the \pT~spectra~of \simplekstarZ~mesons (open symbols) at the same energies~. Statistical and systematic uncertainties are reported as error bars and boxes, respectively. The normalization uncertainties (2.51\%, 2.72\%, and 2.55\% for 5.02, 8, and 13~TeV, respectively, see Tab.~\ref{Statistic}) are indicated as coloured boxes and are not included in the point-to-point uncertainties. The ratio of each measured \pT~distribution for \simplekstarch~mesons at \sqrtS~=~5.02 (red points), 8 (blue points) and 13~TeV (black points) to the \simplekstarZ~spectrum at the same collision energy is reported in the bottom panels. The systematic uncertainty due to global tracking,material budget and hadronic interaction cross section of primary pions are equal for charged and neutral \rsimplekstar, thus they cancel out in the propagation of the uncertainty to the final ratio.

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