$\it{p}_{T}$-differential K*(892)$^{\mathbf{\pm}}$-to-Pion ratio as a function of spherocity ($S_{0}^{p_{T}=1}$) in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeV (I-III V0M multiplicity class)

Scope: PWG
PWG-LF (Light Flavour Spectra)
13 TeV
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Upper Panel: $\it{p}_{T}$-differential K*(892)$^{\mathbf{\pm}}$-to-Pion ratio in Jetty, Isotropic and Spherocity-integrated events in (I-III) V0M multiplicity class using $S_{0}^{p_{T}=1}$. Statistical uncertainties are shown with error bars while systematic uncertainties are represented with empty boxes.

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Data Samples : LHC16_17_18_AOD234ADO264_pp13TeV, AOD, pass 2 (13 TeV).

Simulated Data : LHC16_17_18_GP_AOD235, AOD.



Keywords: $\it{p}_{T}$-differential ratio, K*(892)$^{\mathbf{\pm}}$ meson, resonances, spherocity dependence, multiplicity dependence