$\Xi-\Lambda$ correlations projected in $\Delta\varphi$, multiplicity dependence

Scope: PWG
PWG-CF (Flow and Correlations)
13 TeV
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Correlations between $\Xi$ baryons and $\Lambda$ baryons projected in $\Delta\varphi$ in the range $|\Delta y|<1$, for minimum-bias events as well as the V0M multiplicity classes 0-5% and 40-100%. SB = same baryon number, OB = opposite baryon number.

Detail description

Per-trigger yields of $\Xi-\Lambda$ pairs (same and opposite baryon number) projected in $\Delta\varphi$ in the range $|\Delta y|<1$. These are measured using the pp16k+pp18bdefglmop data set, in the $p_\mathrm{T}$ range $1.2<p_\mathrm{T}^\mathrm{trig}<12$ GeV$/c$, $0.6<p_\mathrm{T}^\mathrm{assoc}<12$ GeV$/c$ and using the full detector coverage. Results are shown for three different V0M multiplicity classes: minimum bias, 0-5%, and 40-100%.