r2 with etagap > 0.8 and the comparison to hydrodynamic calculation in centrality 0-5%, 5-10%, 10-20%, 20-30%, 30-40% and 40-50%

Scope: PWG
PWG-CF (Flow and Correlations)
5.02 TeV
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$r_2$ at $\sqrt{s_{NN}} = 5.02$ TeV with $|\Delta\eta| > 0.8$ and $0.2 < \textit{p}_T^t < 0.6$. The errors bars correspond to statistical uncertainties while the shaded color bands correspond to systematic uncertainties. Hydrodynamc calculations with TRENTo and AMPT initial conditions are shown in magenta and yellow.






Detail description

Keywords: Flow, Flow vector fluctuations, pT-dependent flow vector fluctuations, Pb-Pb collisions, 5.02 TeV

The factorization ratio r2 to probe pT-dependent flow vector fluctuations in Pb-Pb collisions. Values smaller than unity indicate that factorization is broken, meaning the two-particle correlation does not factorize into the product of a function of properties of only one of the particles times a function of the
properties of the second.

Data sample: LHC15o

Events cuts: kInt7 trigger,  |Vz| < 10cm, V0M centrality estimator, Pileup cut, 

Track cuts: Filterbit 96, No. of TPC cluster > 70, NUA weights, Reference pT [0.2,5.0], |eta| < 0.8