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Scope: PWG
PWG-HF (Heavy Flavour)
5.02 TeV
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Top: ratios of \ptchjet-differential cross section of charm jets tagged with \Dzero mesons for different $R$: $\sigma(R=0.2)/\sigma(R=0.4)$ (circles, shifted up by 0.5) and $\sigma(R=0.2)/\sigma(R=0.6)$ (squares) in \pp collisions at \thirteen~(left) and \five~(right) compared to PYTHIA~8 HardQCD Monash~2013 (dash-dotted lines), PYTHIA~8 SoftQCD Mode 2 (dashed lines), and POWHEG hvq + PYTHIA~8 (open circles) predictions. The shaded bands indicate the systematic uncertainty on the cross section ratios while open boxes represent the theoretical uncertainties on the POWHEG predictions Bottom: ratios of MC predictions to the data for \mbox{$\sigma(R=0.2)/\sigma(R=0.4)$} and \mbox{$\sigma(R=0.2)/\sigma(R=0.6)$}, respectively

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