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Scope: PWG
PWG-HF (Heavy Flavour)
13 TeV
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Invariant-mass distributions of non-prompt enhanced $\Dzero$- (top-left), $\Dplus$- (top-right), and $\Ds$-meson (bottom) candidates, and their charge conjugates in $1 \pt 2$ GeV/$c$, $1 \pt 2$ GeV/$c$, and $2 \pt 4$ GeV/$c$, respectively. For the $\Ds$ meson, the left-side peak emerges due to the contribution of the $\Dplus$ meson decaying in the same channel as the $\Ds$ meson The blue solid line shows the total fit function and the red dashed line the combinatorial-background contribution. The values of the mean ($\mu$), width ($\sigma$), and raw yield ($S$) of the signal peak are reported together with their statistical uncertainties resulting from the fit. The width is fixed to the one obtained from the prompt-enhanced sample The fraction of non-prompt candidates in the measured raw yield is reported with its statistical and systematic uncertainties.

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